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Matthew Cangiano: Connective Potential

‘Connective Potential’ evolved from an interest in diagrammatic strategies, that is, the act
of solidifying non-spatial concepts. The process of creating ‘Connective Potential’ sought
to further understand my initial attraction to diagrams. Transposing concepts into spatial
frameworks can help us escape the constrictive grasp that language monopolizes on our
reflective consciousness, while exploiting our evolutionary capacity to cognize space.
This process comes with its own set of risks and limitations; we risk confusing the
intensive with the extensive, the qualitative with the quantitative. ‘Connective Potential’
opens up to this problem field and considers spatial frameworks pregnant with dynamic
potential as a way to negotiate the restraints and advantages of spatialized thinking.

Matthew Cangiano is an artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. His dedication and
interest in images has oriented his practice digitally. His upcoming exhibition ‘Connective
Potential’ at Francis Verein (Berlin) will be his first European solo show.

November 3 - December 2, 2018

For further information and press enquiries, please contact: francis.

By appointment only