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Nina Kettiger: How many footsteps to create a path?

all paths lead
to be found
as you turn to
the furniture
Speak to me the words of
i accumulate to counteract the lack of confidence in myself

its the only way for
to turn bones into

Nina Kettiger (Swiss/French, born 1995) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Recent exhibitions include; 'Your limbs never wear out', M.I. (Berlin), 'Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk', Oslo10 (Basel), 'End the Agony', Karlin Studio (Prague), 'It's not you it's everyone else', Manifesta 11 (Zurich), 'Institute for Success 2.0', Gammel Strand (Copenhagen) and 'After Aesthetics', Bar Babette (Berlin). Nina studies at the UdK in Berlin and is the student of Josephine Pryde. She is also the founder of the curatorial project; 'The Intimate Project', which has been running since Fall, 2014.

October 21 - November 19, 2017

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