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Sophie Yerly: 2019

You go in.
You go out.
And out.
Get into the image.
Yes, it’s bright,
crude minimal, he said.
Two windows facing the backyard.
If you can see the neighbours,
they can see you.
The exterior that is outside of the house,
outside of the body.
An interior space or a public sculpture? He whispered.
A real space only
can enable us to escape from the image, she said.
The flat is on the 1th floor
consisting of three rooms.
You meet in the kitchen,
the cohabitation is friendly.
A room in the city.
A space, she objected.
A person can be a space.
Sure, personal belongings lay around,
however, not intrusive.
Consider alternately the room and the words
onto that page.
Feel and know
that you are not able to write down
how you feel and laugh, she advised.
In many ways it already happened,
we are poster children, he told.
it is not necessary for us
to be definitive persons, he added.
Everyone will play their part.
May be you will be the last viewer
once the characters have gone.
Welcome to what you think you can see,
the artist replied.

January 19 - February 16, 2019

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